god friended me

Meet Lucy…

TV’s latest hacker. Abby had a blast joining the team of God Friended Me! Catch her on episodes 7 and 8 - available now.

God Friended Me airs every Sunday on CBS.


 Mike Edmonds

Mike Edmonds

Athena by Gracie Gardner is a New York Times Critic's Pick

"Ms. Awe and Ms. Greer play their roles with humor, grit and team spirit — palpable even behind those mesh masks. Ms. Awe plays Mary as childlike, but also as the more confident of the pair. Ms. Greer’s Athena is more worldly, but also much needier and more fragile. The twining of these characters and performances makes 'Athena' hugely appealing and stealthily moving."

- Alexis Soloski of The New York Times

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really, really good at biting into sandwiches…

So good in fact, here is one of the many Subway Restaurants commercials you can catch Abby in!